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Essembly Bundle




Size 1 (7-17lbs)


Excellent Condition



Seller Notes:

Starter bundle with *nearly* everything you need. Inners (14 total) are in great shape with minor staining. Everything only ever washed with Esembly washing powder. Liners (set of 12), ditty bags, day bag, and overnighters (4 total) only ever washed, not used. Three outers in excellent condition with minor initials on tags for daycare (I figure you can buy more outers to customize your stash). Rash cream and Wipe up kit new and unused. All you need now are your pail bags and laundry soap!

A soft, trim-fitting and absorbent cloth diaper Inner. Pair this organic cotton fitted diaper with our waterproof Outer to make a truly blowout-proof diaper.

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Sold by Katherine B